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Saving Money on Your Formal Wardrobe

Everyone needs to have some formal clothes in the wardrobe, but if you try to be too ambitious, you can end up spending too much money on formal wear. Many people buy formal clothing to wear for one specific occasion, and then never wear any of the clothes again. This means that unlike your regular day-to-day clothes, which are likely worn several times within a year, making them very cost-effective, formal clothing can be a rather expensive investment. Here are some of the best ways you can save some money on your formal wardrobe.

Go to outlet stores

Rather than trying to buy the latest clothing from the most expensive stores, shop at outlets instead. Here, you will find items that are just as nice and new as the ones in the regular stores, but you’ll be able to make massive savings on the cost.

Find online deals

The big downside with online shopping is that you cannot try the clothing on before you buy it. This can often lead to buying the wrong items in the right sizes and styles, and you could pay out a lot of money only to find that it’s not suitable for you at all. However, many online stores offer a generous returns policy, so if something isn’t quite right; it’s not too difficult to amend and fix the problem. You can buy suits online for a fraction of the regular price, which means you can get a great deal and the outfit you want for a special occasion.

Buy a cheaper version

If you’re only going to wear an outfit once, look around for the cheaper versions rather than having to go for the most expensive and luxurious one. This will save you plenty of money by the time you’ve finished shopping for your entire outfit, and some of the items might not even matter too much to your overall outfit. For example, buy a more expensive jacket but pair it with a cheaper waistcoat, tie, shirt and shoes.

Look for discounts and memberships

Many stores offer student discounts, so you can save a little extra money on your purchase. Others may have a loyalty scheme, whereby you can pay a certain amount to join the membership program. This will then enable you to get money off each purchase that you make, enabling you to enjoy some great savings. This is particularly good if you tend to buy formal clothing a few times per year.

Shop around

Rather than stopping at the first shop you see and purchasing your outfit, spend some time shopping around in order to find a really good deal. You might find a better deal online than offline, so you can try the outfit on in a store but then go and purchase it online instead to save some money. Ask your friends where they are shopping for their formal wear, particularly if there are several of you attending a wedding or other black tie event.

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