Look for These Signs to Spot a Knock-Off Designer Bag

You have been saving for a while to get your desired designer bag. And now you are ready to hit the market to make the purchase. However, before you do this, remember that there are a lot of retailers out there who are too eager to offer you a replica of your dream bag. And because you want to avoid getting a fake copy of it, you want to pay attention to small details and be an informed buyer.

Although the idea of a fake item project images of cheap and plastic bags, a lot of styles today even come with mock authenticity cards and serial tags. So how exactly could you separate the real from the fake? Here is a guide that can help you spot a fake designer bag.

There are Imperfections

World-renown brands carefully checked for defects before they release their products on the market. They make sure stitches are even and threads are not loose. Genuine designer bags like michael kors bags are handmade so manufacturing defects should not be an excuse for any of these items. Also, designer bags are often lined. Check the lining’s stitches if relevant and see if there are no imperfections.

They are made from Low-Quality Materials

Popular brands do not use rough leather. Rather, they use fine, high-quality materials. And those that have leather trim must not be sticky or oily. A number of designer handbags can be flexible and soft with their shape always maintained.

Brand Names are Wrongly Printed

Because you want to give too much attention to details, you may not notice how the name of the brand is printed. Fake designer items usually have the brand names printed in a different letters or fronts. In fact, they may also be misspelled.

Glued Sticker

When it comes to spotting a designer bag’s authenticity, you should look at how the serial number is attached. Fake ones are usually glued instead of sealed and especially attached. Indeed, the serial number of designer bags like coach bags should be placed on the same surface rather than just somewhere else.

Cheap Packaging

Expensive designer bags are always packed using high-quality materials. The package must not have any color defects. Also, extra accessories that complete the bag sat are also packed together with the designer bag.

How they Wear In

For instance, the handle’s leather should not have an aged look after weeks of use. Stitching must stay intact and never starts to fray. A fake designer bag would have zipper handles that tend to fall off early on.

Before hitting the store to get your desired designer bag, make sure you spend time doing your homework first. This can help you learn about the specific attributes of your preferred brand. Keep in mind that every brand has its own distinct characteristics.

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