Brief Understanding on Finding the Right Pink Diamond

Do you desire a diamond for proposing your girlfriend? You would look for a big rock. You may have been hearing it all along that diamond has been the most precious stone to be given when you actually pop up the question to the love of our life. However, you would be required to find the best diamond that expresses your undying love for her and the one that would not break your bank. Usually diamonds are colourless, but coloured diamonds also exist. Talking about colours, the pink diamond would be a rare category. It has been the most sought after stone. The Pink Diamond Engagement Rings are a rarity.

How to find the right stone

There are four C’s to judge the precious stone.

  • Cut

The cut would determine the sparkle of the pink diamond. The wrong cut could hamper the desired shine in the stone. A wide variety of cuts has been made available at your behest to choose from. You would be required to choose the one that would suit your needs and pocket.

  • Colour

The colour of the diamond would vary based on the size. A small rock would display colour at specific angles. On the other hand, medium and big stone would display consistent colour throughout.

  • Clarity

The clarity of the diamond would be as imperative as its colour. Any kind of crack, cloudiness, dark spot or bubble would ruin the diamond’s colour and clarity.

  • Carat

The size of the diamond would be measured in carat. It has been an imperative aspect to determine the cost of pink diamond. However, the coloured diamonds, the intensity of colour would be of more value than the size.

These aforementioned aspects along with the metal in the ring would determine the money you would be required to spend. You could couple the pink diamond with platinum or sterling silver rings to add to the overall beauty of the diamond. However, it may burn a significant hole in the pocket.

Affording the pink diamond

The expensive stone is highly desired as a ring. However, the exorbitant price would deter most people. You could look for alternatives or combinations of pink diamond surrounded by other small diamonds. If you were searching for the best designs for your engagement rings, you should visit The Diamond Jewellery Studio. You would be spoilt for choice of diamond rings offered by the studio.

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