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Bomber jacket in the 80’s VS Now

It is so amazing if we notice how the fashion style evolves with the time and changes our preferences and choices to dress up. Time changes everything but the fashion style changes even faster than anything. There is something new every hour in this generation that catches trend among all. The fashion and style is the thing sometimes a new fashion fade away in a day and some stays forever just evolve with the time. Same goes with the bomber jackets, the jackets have seen a long time evolution since its origin. There was a time when it came to existence and people start noticing it with something that marks the status. With time it gets changed and people start integrating the bomber jacket as an important part of the fashion. The jackets receive a huge attention in the late 80’s and it became a trend to own a bomber jacket.

Due to the introduction, the jacket in the many famous movies of 80’ made it more popular among the people. The jacket in 80’s used be very different from now. However, the jacket remains the same throughout the time but style gets change accordingly. In 90’s the jackets got more popular and the varieties within the bomber jackets are getting noticed by the people.

Here are some difference between 80’s and Now Bomber jackets

The Size definitely evolves– The things around us keep changing with the time and affects everything we do, eat and wear. Same happens with the bomber jackets just like another other clothing style the jackets got more fashionable and classy. In 80’s the jacket used to come in standard sizes and it may get to look to you or too short but with time things changes to meet the size standards. The size thing is not because of less size availability but due to the fashion trend of that time keeping things are bit broader the body.

Taste From Then To Now– After sizing the thing that changes the whole definition of the jackets is the taste of style. People back then used like very light colored and thin type fabric bomber jackets in comparison to now. The jackets in the 80’s used to be very simple and the cloth was very light fabric used to manufacture them. Now the jackets have become totally different, now the people like variety in the colors and always ready to try something offbeat. The difference in the style from 80,s to now have given a new definition to the jackets.

Variety- The disadvantage of being in the 80’s was not getting much variety in the bomber jackets. There used to be very limited types of jackets to choose from and you won’t be able to try something different. People just follow one two or three fashion style in the jackets and there were no other options as the ideas were limited. On the contrary, now you will find the unending type of bomber jackets from the difference in colors to fiber and style.

Prices- This factor faces the most difference between two times for the bomber jackets. The jackets in the 80’s were available at very prices due to less availability and getting into trend recently. The moves and stars made the jackets poplar which made it a costly product among the people. However, the jacket prices got down after sometime when people start making a bigger trend. On the other hand, now the jackets are available on various platforms such as Bewakoof.com, Amazon and Flipkart offered by big brands like Puma, Nike and much more.

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