5 Things Every Wedding Invitation Should Have

When you’re sending out invites to your wedding, you need to ensure that all the potential guests have the correct information. Without this, you could end up with terrible communication issues and confusion between all the people who could possibly attend. It could also mean that people think they can’t attend the wedding when in actual fact they are available to attend. Here are some of the things that you should make sure are included on your invitations.

Image: Paper Divas

  1. The date

Asking people to save the date will only work properly if you actually give them the correct date. Before sending out the wedding invites, make sure that you have double-checked the date and that it is definitely correct. This could be problematic if you have changed the date several times or if you have ordered them online in a rush and forgot to proofread your order.

  1. The time

People need to know when they are supposed to arrive at the venue, so make sure you include the time that the ceremony is going to begin. You can also include the time of the reception, particularly if the reception is being held at a different venue and people might be joining the reception only and not the ceremony.

  1. RSVP details

Most of the people you are inviting to your wedding are family members and friends, so there’s no need to give specific details such as how to contact you. You can simply give them the deadline by which they need to RSVP to your wedding. This will allow you to work out how many wedding favours you are going to need, how many chairs need to be set out at the venue and then how many people are going to be eating at the reception afterwards. You should make this date a week or two before the deadline that you have been given by the venue you are using or the wedding planner. This will ensure that you have enough time to finalise the details of the wedding.

  1. Your full names

Friends of the bride aren’t necessarily going to know exactly who the groom is, and vice versa, so it’s important to put the names of both of you. This means that if anybody wants to give a gift where they need to give your names, such as a personalised item or booking tickets, they can do this easily and use the correct spelling for your names.

  1. The venue

Finally, you need to make sure that all potential wedding guests are aware of where they need to go. You should include specific details of the venue, such as the exact building if they are several buildings in a particular location. While it’s an easy question to ask you if necessary, giving all the information on the invite will prevent you having to repeat yourself or clarify with people where exactly you have arranged to hold the ceremony or reception.

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