4 Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind When Engraving a Bracelet

Engraving a bracelet can be a great way to customize it and give it a personal touch. It is perfect for gifts to others, or for a piece for yourself that you want to act as a memento of something meaningful.

That being said there are a lot of things that you’ll want to consider if and when you decide to engrave a bracelet. In particular, these tips should help you to make a more informed decision about the options that are available:

  • Find the right message, and get feedback

Engraving a bracelet will permanently mark it, and so you want to be absolutely certain that the message you decide on is the right one. Try to come up with several ideas then narrow down your options and get feedback.

Try to make sure that the message you choose doesn’t ‘crowd’ the bracelet, and keep it short and sweet instead.

  • Decide whether machine or hand engraving is more suitable

Jewelers tend to have two different options for engraving jewelry, and they can either be engraved by a machine or by hand. Engraving a bracelet using a machine is generally more precise, and is better if you want small text or symbols on your bracelet. On the flipside hand engraving is more personal, and is an art in its own right that can produce some beautiful and unique inscriptions.

  • Fit the message into the space effectively

The space that is available for engraving on a bracelet is important, as you will have to try to fit the message into that space as effectively as possible. If the message you want to engrave is too long it may not fit well, or you may have to shrink the text more than you’d like.

For some bracelets you may be able to split the message into multiple lines, in which case you should try to figure out the best way to do so. Don’t just focus on ‘balancing’ both lines, but rather view the end of each line as a break and make sure the message flows with it there.

  • Ask the jeweler that is engraving what they think

Considering jewelers engrave numerous bracelets, you should definitely ask them for their opinion regarding your choice of message, how you want it to fit, the type of font you wish to use, and so on. Asking them what they think is a great way to get really useful feedback and ideas on how to make your engraved bracelet really look great.

In addition to these tips it is important that you pick the right kind of engraved bracelets depending on your message and its purpose. Some types of bracelets such as brands, rings or heart-shapes are more popular than others, but nowadays you should be able to find numerous other options as well. Be sure to browse around till you find a bracelet that you feel would be perfect for the message that you are thinking of engraving.

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